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Engage and retain your customers with a Card-App®

Whether you have a retail business, a coffee shop, a restaurant, a pub, a hotel, a beauty shop, an estate agency, if you are a market trader or a tradesman, the Card-App will give you all essential tools an app can provide to engage with your customers but in a cheaper and simpler format.   

Your service or product's Card-App is saved in your customer's phone

Your card is downloaded with the help of its QR code or an NFC tag displayed in your shop, or with an acoustic ultrasonic QR code. Each Card-App has an ID, its BCN.

All your information in one place

Your customers will have access to your information such as a description of your service or product, your contact details, your website, your social media posts etc... all in one place.

Get rated and receive comments

Always nice to know what your customers think about your business and be able to use the feedback to improve it.

Send a post or chat with your customers

You can send a post directly on your card. This feature enables you to inform your customers of events, discounts or any other communication you wish to make. 

Your customers can also contact you with the chatbox.

Take a payment

Allow your customers to buy a product or pay for a service directly from your card.

And more features to come soon, such as loyalty tokens (blockchain-based) received by your customers for sharing your card...

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