Save, organise and share only what matters to you

We are submerged daily with a deluge of products and services information. Cardit helps you collect and organise only the virtual cards which are relevant to you either for future purchases or for receiving updates on product's discounts, events, price changes...   

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Download the card of your preferred service or product

Download the card of your favourite product or service just by scanning its QR code, or touching its NFC tag with your phone, or receive it directly with an ultrasonic sound.

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Organise your cards in lists which your friends can follow.

You can create customised lists to organise your cards such as the list of your best restaurants, your preferred wines, your list of unusual places etc... It is a versatile "playlist" for everything.  Make your friends follow your lists and their will receive notifications when new cards are added to your lists. If you are a wine lover, wouldn't you love to follow the list of a sommelier? Or the list of a Chef if you love your food? 

Chat with your preferred businesses with full control of your details

You don't need to share your telephone number or your email to chat with someone on Cardit. Connect with someone directly with his card. 


You can create your own digital business card with Cardit

Create your digital business card on Cardit and share it with its QR code. People don't need to have the app to see your card and save your details.

Scan paper business cards with Cardit's OCR Scanner

You can also scan your paper business cards with Cardit's OCR scanner and give back the card to its owner.