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Cardit is more than just a digital business card solution - it's a powerful tool for advertising your services and products, and connecting with your clients.


With Cardit, you can easily create, share and organize your virtual cards, promoting your business and streamlining your networking efforts.


Whether you're looking to make new connections or strengthen existing relationships, Cardit has you covered.


Cardit offers a variety of features, including the ability to display images, texts, and contact information, use push notifications to keep clients updated, offer loyalty points and rewards, communicate with merchants and customers through messaging and chat, and allow for ratings and comments. Cardit also allows businesses to share their cards using QR codes, NFC technology, email, or other apps and to take orders or bookings directly through the card. Additionally, users can organize their cards in custom folders and make these folders public to gain followers.

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Cardit is powered by Cardition Ltd

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iCards are digital cards that enhance customer engagement for small and medium businesses. They offer various features and are a free alternative to apps or websites. Make an iCard today to see the benefits for your business.

Design and share your iCards with Cardit, using its QR code, NFC tag, or online sharing options.

Cardit provides a paper business card scanner that utilizes OCR and Computer Vision technologies to convert physical cards to digital format.

 iCards are your personal gateway to the online world!

Gather all your social media links, contact details, and profile descriptions, all in one place, and share them. 

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Cardit is the ultimate platform for businesses and individuals looking to showcase their products, services, or personal details. With our easy-to-use iCard creation tool, you can quickly and easily publish all of the information you want others to know about your business or personal brand. 



Cardit is the ultimate organization tool for your iCards! With our platform, you can easily download and organize your cards into lists or folders, making it easy to keep track of everything that's important to you. And coming soon, you'll even be able to gain followers for your card lists!



Cardit is the ultimate solution for small and medium businesses (SMBs) looking to connect and engage with their customers. With our platform, you'll never have to worry about downloading multiple apps again. Simply download and save your iCards and connect with your favorite shops, restaurants, hotels, clubs, and retailers. Plus, you'll receive updated information about events, discounts, and loyalty points on products and services, helping you to stay in the loop and make informed decisions.

download link from google play
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