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With Cardit, business cards become digital and interactive 

Cardit is a unique virtual cards publisher and organiser

The features of a cardit:


Display images, texts, contact details, addresses, websites, social media links - Push notifications for updated cards - Send posts to cardholders - Loyalty points and rewards for customers - Messaging and chats between merchants and customers - Rating and comments - Shareable cards with QR code, NFC, or just by email, or any other apps -Take orders or bookings - Organise cards in customised folders


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Cardits are digital cards with various features to enhance small and medium businesses' customer engagements. A cardit is the best alternative to an app or website and it is free.


Create your cardits on Cardit, and share it with the help of its QR code, its NFC tag or directly


Cardit also offers a scanner for paper business cards, using OCR and Computer Vision technologies, to convert physical to digital.

A cardit is your personal portal to your online world!

Gather all your social media links, contact details, and profile descriptions, all in one place, and share them. 

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Cardit allows people or businesses to publish information about their products, services, or personal details, on virtual cards.

Create your virtual cards with Cardit.



Cardit enables users to download virtual cards, and organise them in lists or folders. Users also can rate, comment, and share the virtual cards with their friends. Soon users will be able to get followers of their cards' lists. It is a versatile "playlist" for everything relevant.



Cardit is the perfect tool for small and medium businesses (SMBs) to connect and engage with their customers.

With Cardit, there is no need to download multiple apps. Users just download and save the virtual cards and connect with their preferred shops, restaurants, bars, hotels, clubs, retailers... They receive updated information about events, discounts or loyalty points on products and services. 

download link from google play